Essay On Should Student Athletes Be Paid

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Student athletes are held to a standard that most students are not held too. Saying that, student athletes should have to maintain an AB average during the school year, which is at least a 3.1 GPA or higher. Playing a sport is a privilege, not a right. We, as athletes, think playing a sport is a right because we are good at it, therefore we have the right to play. But due to sports our grades drop and we do not seem to care during the season. Student athletes should have to be on the honor roll to play in the games because if there is no consequence than grades will continue to drop. They need to realize that their chances in getting into college do not just rely on their talent. Student athletes are held to a higher standard than most students, but also need to understand the difference between a right and a privilege.
If student athletes continue to play and there is no consequence for their careless mistakes than their grades will continue to drop. Most athletes think they are above everyone in their school because they
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Most athletes just think their skills will get them into the college of their choice. Grades, ACT, and SAT scores matter the most when applying to the college of your choice. Athletes should be on the honor roll because this way they will learn to juggle school and sports at the same time, so they are prepared for college. It is possible to maintain being on the honor roll and succeeding in sports at the same time. Obviously, athletes will be looked at for athletic scholarships, but also an academic scholarship can top it off. College coaches have a limited amount of money, which limits the amount of scholarships offered. If you have the grades, they can also offer you an academic scholarship than the player will have a better chance of being recruited. Having an honor roll GPA is a very important aspect of being a student

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