Should College Student Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Dresden Lonergan
Mrs. Whitehair
English 10 Period 2
Research Paper
March 2015
Pay for Play
Whether or not college student athletes should get paid has been a hot topic recently, and it doesn 't look like it 's ending any time soon. This topic has been debated on ESPN, The Harlem Times, in educational institutions, and many college newspapers. Due to the numerous reasons for it and just as many against, it seems to be an ongoing cycle.
These college athletes are basically working full-time jobs and gambling their physical health each day. They are being trained to go professional and be paid, but what if that doesn 't happen? College athletes are giving their schools too many hours and incurring health risks without getting paid.
Many people support college student athletes getting paid for playing. The money the athletes earns could go back to their families who are struggling financially. Not only would this support their family but also themselves because some athletes can 't depend on their parents to send them money. For poor families a little can go a long way ("Paying"). "If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I would have probably stayed in college," stated Jadeveon Clowney, a former NCAA football player.
The typical college athlete puts in over ten hours a day in their
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They put in all their time and energy that could be spent making money into their school and team. The NCAA already acts as their employers, so they could just add a paycheck. Athletes put there bodies on the line. One wrong move and it 's all over. If the injury is serious, they 're future employment is at risk not to mention ever being able to make money playing the sport they love. If these athletes do get paid, it would prevent violations from happening again, and also preventing long investigations by the NCAA

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