Most Important Things About Stoicism

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The most important thing about Stoicism is understanding that things that are external are out of your control and things that are internal are in your control. That concept is important because in Stoicism our happiness should not depend on the external world; it is dependent on our state of mind. The way you think affects your behavior and Stoicism is about how you live your life. It is focused on how you learn to be self disciplined about your thinking so you have the ability to overcome emotions that take away from your happiness. In order to practice Stoicism, you have to learn to let nature take its course, be happy within, not try to have control over the external world, learn how to overcome destructive emotions, and most importantly, minimize your desires in …show more content…
The most important thing about Stoicism is that you have control of yourself. When you have control of yourself, you have the power to overcome any hardship or improve happiness. Wanting to have control over your life is not a bad thing, but the way that you try to have control and the things that you try to control can have an impact. You want to to only gain control over things that you can so you eliminate the struggle of trying to get control over something you have no control over. There is nothing wrong with having desires, but it is important to minimize your desires so you do not try to take control of things you have no control of in order to obtain that desire. It is in your best interest to desire things that are in your control. If you decide to dodge every unwanted assigned role then you will not be able to overcome destructive emotions when you come across a role you can not get out of. If you accept your role and play your role well then you can move on easily and happier after. You will not dwell on how bad the experience was but rather reflect on it and prepare yourself for your next assigned

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