Camus And Epicurus On Death

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Camus and Epicurus have a couple views in common. They both believe death is the end of all suffering and sensation, people have control of their own destiny, and everyone has the right to live and die. Death is the deprivation of sensation, and after death there is nothing, nor do we feel anything. Camus’s big question is whether or not life is worth living. That each person has the right to choose whether to live or die. People who commit suicide have made the decision for themselves, “All healthy men having thought of their own suicide, it can be seen, without further explanation, that there is a direct connection between this feeling and the longing for death.” (pg 644 par 2) Suicide is the end of suffering to some. People who contemplate …show more content…
While Epicurus believes all people have the right to free will and are allowed to make their own decisions throughout life, his moderate hedonism emphasises experiencing all aspects of life. This includes both the pain and pleasure that come with experience. Since death is the end of all sensation, and after death you feel nothing, willingly embracing it is directly in contrast with what Epicurus believes. Death and the acceptance of its worthlessness makes life enjoyable. This understanding drives people to experience as much as they can rather than living solely to prolong their existence. Therefore, you should not be afraid of death, but rather remain accepting of it after a well-lived life. Epicurus’s belief in moderate hedonism emphasizes living your life in a moderately pleasurable way. Perfection lies in a life free of disturbance, distress, suffering, or trouble without taking a drug to delude you into feeling life is perfect. In a life without pain, there would be no way to experience pleasure. The two of them go hand and hand. “To grow accustomed therefore to simple and not luxurious diet gives us health to the full, and makes a man alert for the needful employments of life, and when after long intervals we approach luxuries, disposes us better towards them, and fits us to be fearless of fortune.” ( pg 629 par 2) So to Epicurus the best way …show more content…
I do not feel like suicide is an option when it come to trying to get away from the meaninglessness of life. Life comes with both pain and pleasure and you have to live your life for the moment because any day could be your last. The only time I feel like suicide is an option is in the cases of the terminally ill, who are in a lot of pain. In such cases, I feel they should have the right to take their own lives. I live life as Epicurus theory of moderate hedonism says to. I know there are going to be some great days and some horrible days, but it is all part of the adventure which is life. I want what I have and work really hard for things I want, but if I can not afford it, I am happy with what I have. Life isn 't about keeping up with your neighbors, and getting everything the brainwashing media wants consumers to buy. It’s about being happy with yourself and your own life, that 's why suicide is just a meaningless solution, seems like an easy way out of it. I find life to be a challenge that I must go through, which I enjoy life almost all the time. Going through the pain and challenges of life, builds common sense and gives you needed experience. This makes you look at the world a little bit more critically and with greater understanding than you did before. You also appreciate all the little things in life and the pleasures of it a little bit more. Ever since I have

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