The Importance Of Special Education

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“I’ll always go in for my child,” these were the words spoken by a concerned expressing her role as a parent of a young, black male in an inner city. In spite of this student’s discipline record which consisted of twenty documented infractions, this mother was adamant about justifying her son’s behavior. I listened intently as the mother nearly cried, when reflecting on some of the issues her and her family had been coping with throughout their lives.
As the mother listened to the team recount incidents which involved her child, she interrupted apologetically, desperate to be heard. She needed us to know that her child was struggling with a diagnosis of ADHD, that she worked tireless hours, employed different discipline strategies at home,
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The special education lead teacher agreed but presented the option to place the student in a self-contained classroom. Conversely the assistant principal suggested that the student be serviced in an alternative school since his behavior has consistently disrupted the learning environment. This disparity in opinion led to an emotional debate which deviated from the facts and the needs of the students. I was completely torn because my desire was not plausible due a limited budget. Building a departmentalized resource unit would require reduced classroom sizes and a new teacher. Though ideal, it was not an option, an unfair reality that many in inner cities …show more content…
It was determined that the child’s behavior was not a manifestation of his disability based on the assumption that that he was aware of his actions and the impeding consequences. As a result of this determination the student was referred for a tribunal hearing and is currently being considered for alternative school. He was removed from the general education setting and began receiving services in a self-contained classroom, where his behavior has not improved. I am still struggling with this decision, and will continue to collect data and anecdotal records so when his annual IEP review meeting approaches I am ready to advocate on his behalf. “I’ll always go in for my

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