The Importance Of Social Relationships

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Relationships form an important part of all social interactions. Whether these are family dynamics, peer relations, professional or intimate. Sometimes the people around us don 't understand what we are going through and it can be frustrating. Sometimes relationships change, that can be hard on both yourself and the other people affected. Here are some ideas on what relationships you may have formed or changed throughout treatment, and how to cope when people are being overly helpful or a hindrance to your recovery. Always remember, there 's no right or wrong way to talk about cancer, and if you aren 't coping, it is okay to ask for help.

Family Support: If you are living with or near family they can be a great source of comfort and reliance.
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Experiencing cancer can change the way you think about relationships. You may feel less confident about your appearance, and wonder how to approach the subject of cancer with a new partner. Another issue is when to bring up potential fertility issues with a new partner. Unfortunately there is no set answer to this. It depends on your comfort level as to when you choose to talk about this with your partner, so don 't feel pressured into telling them on the first date! It may be a good idea to talk to other survivors about their experience of dating, or even family/friends or a counsellor. Focus on the positive outcomes of your experience - what have you learned about yourself that you could bring to a relationship - do you appreciate time and people …show more content…
Again, this can be a normal transition in any relationship - it is important to be honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings and where you think the relationship may be heading. Communicating can be tough at times, but remember everybody deals with stress in their own way, and your partner may be feeling the same emotions, joys or frustrations that you are. Going through any experience together can strengthen a bond, or may make you think about moving on.

As with any sexual relationship it is important to consider precautions such as contraception.
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