How To Write A Narrative Essay About Chinese Culture

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When I was a little child, I was the loner. At lunch, I was rejected by the other girls and ate at the boys’ table. At recess, I would sit on the swings by myself. In short, I was the loser of my school. At the start of seventh grade, I was given a second chance at a social life when we moved. Things did not go well from the start. In fact, it felt like a repeat of my early years. I remember on my first day, one boy, Johnny, who would later make my life hell, greeted me with “konichiwa” even though I was not Japanese and my name gave every indication that I was actually Chinese. Every day, he made fun of me, my family, and an entire culture that I tried so desperately to hide. He would write “chink” on the mist on the bus window. He would tell me he masturbated to me with soy sauce. He would sexually “hump” my bus seat since he sat right behind me. He would say and do tons of things that I would rather forget. …show more content…
This group was comprised of all minority girls who stuck to each other for support. Instantly, I felt like one of them. They became my friends. Notably, one girl, Ashumi, became the closest friend I had. For the first time in middle school, I was invited to birthday parties, and I actually felt that I belonged. When we entered high school, we did many clubs together. One of them was the Future Business Leaders of America club. However, Ashumi was one of the friendliest people around and instantly befriended the new girls in the club, in particular, one talented and funny girl, Sai. Miraculously, all three of us qualified to go to the state conference for FBLA. Already, I was feeling the distance between us. I remember on the way to the conference, Ashumi sat with Sai. I remember the way they laughed. I felt like I was back to being the lonely girl on the swings because even though I tried to be social, I was truly awkward at talking, especially with those who did not initiate conversations with

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