Exemplification Essay: The Importance Of Sleep

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Sleep, it is the one thing that everyone wishes they would have gotten more of every single night when waking up early in the morning. The sad thing is though, we never actually get as much as we would like. We generally tend to put sleep off the most out of anything throughout our lives, mainly because it means it’s the end of our days. We’d tend to put on one of our favorite tv episodes or movies on, or play video games instead of sleeping. We do this simply because we’re humans. Unless we’ve had a long, stressful day at work, we don’t like sitting still for a long period of time. The only times we do like going to bed early is if it’s because we had to stay up all night working on a paper in college that we completely forgot about, or we claim we’re just a “knight owl” and that is the reasoning for why we don’t go …show more content…
Scullin writes about how much sleep we should truly be getting:

 While the average recommendation for a good night 's sleep is seven to eight hours, it can range anywhere from four to 12 hours per individual. Some people can function on very little sleep, while others need up to 10 hours to feel rested. (Scullin, 2015, p. 16-17). 

With the range being anywhere between four to 12 hours per person of sleep needed at night, it’s amazing how some of us survive the days with the lack about of sleep that we’re actually giving our bodies every day. The amazing thing about this though, is whom the lack of sleep effects mainly throughout our society. Gaultney writes “According to the National Sleep Foundation, 59% of adults 18 to 29 years of age describe themselves as night-owls. Unable to fall asleep earlier in the evening, they cannot get enough sleep if they must get up early.” (Gaultney, 2010, p. 91). That is over half, the amount of people between those ages. That just shows that we as of a society, has real problem when it comes to sleep and what we should be getting and what we’re actually

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