The Importance Of Skill Training

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In everyday life skills are extremely important as everything you do is a skill in some form. Writing is a skill, running is a skill even just talking is a skill. Skill acquisition is the process of learning skills and progressing through the stages involved in learning a new skill. In futsal, there are a few fundamental skills involved in the playing of the game. Shooting for goal is one of these skills. It is significant to futsal as it is the primary skill involved in scoring points or goals for your team which is necessary to win games. If your team has no competent shooters then you will almost surely lose the game. This essay will discuss the processes and techniques involved in learning a new skill and will analyse the techniques I used …show more content…
For most athletes goals are a necessity for painting motivation and working towards constant improvement (Amedroz et al, 1999). Goal setting can be short term or long term working towards either a performance such as doing 15 pull-ups without stopping, an outcome such as winning the finals of sprints or a process such as running a 5-minute kilometre (, 2013). Goal setting should have a series of short term goals leading up to long term goal. This method will keep the goal in sight and make you sure you know that you are progressing. Goals should also be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-framed. This will make sure the goal is not vague and is able to be recorded and followed (Mackenzie, 2007). Throughout my learning of shooting for goal, I set myself multiple short and long term goals. These short term goals included getting a certain amount of shots in from a particular distance away and my main long term goal for the term was to be able to utilise my skills in a game situation and score a goal. These goals were able to keep me motivated and constantly working to achieve them. I made sure to track all progress of my shooting drills and tests to make sure I was seeing constant improvement and make the necessary changes if I

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