Short Breaks At School Analysis

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In these normal, modern days, we as kids and adults all have to do one thing that we have to do almost everyday in life. It is a little, short, four-letter word that I like to call: work. There are many of these days that where we have work to do that starts in the morning that ends sometime in the evening. For adults, hey have jobs that can be anywhere whether you are a night guard and you till the morning, or you are a secretary and you leave in the morning and return in the afternoon. For us kids and teenagers, there is a place where we spend most of our day: school. It's not I don't likeschool, I'm just explaining some information here. Sometimes, people might get bored and start goofing or slacking off in class. Overall, all of this "work" …show more content…
Studies have shown that people who take short breaks throughout the day to do light, outdoor exercise are more productive than those who do not. This is actually somewhat true since it happens a lot in life. This really somewhat does not happen often in school but I think it should be applied for us students. Therefore, I think that we should take short breaks at school because if we do something non-productive, our minds will be fresh and ready to continue learning during school time.
First, I would like to discuss the reasons our school principal should allow us to take short breaks during class time. Sometimes in the morning, some kids are ready to start the school day off right. Some might be bored and wish they were at home eating food, watch tv, or playing video games. With free time, students won't have to be worried about being bored or tired. If the students can have time to themselves, they will all of a sudden and
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Another enjoyable activitiy that is taking a nap. Now I wouldn't say that it is an activity, but some kids might be tired once they get to school. So during their free time, they can sleep til it is time to learn.
Third, I would like to explain how long everyone can have their fun. The decision of having a time limit is all up to the teacher or the principal they don't want free time to go on for full day. They at least want their students have time to work classwork, quizzes, or tests. The time limit I think that our free time should at least a few minutes or at least an hour. I suggest at least an hour so kids can do what ever they want for the time being and plus it is way longer than 1 or 2 minutes.
Overall, our school should have free time during school hours because kids can do whatever like sleeping or talk to friends, the time limit should be at least an hour, and afterwards everyone's mind would be ready to learn to complete the school day. In my opinion, I think this idea should come to reality. Sometimes, I can be one of those individuals that can be bored (a little bit) and tired at school. I will make sure that our school's principal will read this request and if he allows it, everyone will be so

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