The Importance Of Education In Early Education

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Everyone seems to have a differing opinion regarding the education system and strong beliefs on the best way to fix it. Some may argue that school is too structured and rigid which does not allow students to develop proper critical thinking skills needed to succeed in today’s world. Others may argue that school is too fluid and students are not interested deep understand of subjects. They would rather do just enough to get by and are not willing to learn with an open mind. This seems to be the case of Freire and Edmundson, one believes education should be fluid and ever changing to the students’ needs while the other believes schools have gone too far to cater to the students’ needs. While many may note that the views are opposing, they may have overlooked the fact that one may lead to the other. The lack emphasis on critical thinking during early education …show more content…
If this were started at a younger age, students would have a much deeper understanding of the world around them and would truly be learning subjects as opposed to just memorizing them. This would translate directly to the college years and college students would continue their deep thinking and understanding of the world. They would be able to think outside the box and would also be more open minded, improving the outlook of our society in the future.
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