Essay On Work In High School

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A lot of time is spent focusing on school, and the expected outcome of receiving a degree

in an intended major. School, from kindergarten up to college takes at least 16 years to complete.

For the average person, that’s around 20% of your life (Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention). People also go to school and work, which leaves very little time to take care of

everything else going on in their personal lives. Sometimes people cannot get a day off to attend

a baby shower or a wedding. Sometimes people may not be able to attend birthdays or weddings

due to their jobs or because of school. For other students and myself, it is difficult to balance

work, school, and a personal life [Does this seem like the problem I am addressing?]. Most of the

time many
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A lot of students have to squeeze in their other personal obligations around

their work schedule. This can also lead to a conflict of interest. Not only do students miss out on

things that will never happen again, but this in turn affects them beyond the scope of what they

realize. Missing out on events, homework, and even skipping work can lead to elevated stress

levels, anxiety, and doing poorly in classes (Macan et al. 760). Coming into a UC that uses the

quarter system as a transfer student from a community college that was on the semester system

has proven to be difficult for me and other students. On top of that, the routine I grew

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accustomed to has been completely turned on its head. Adjusting to living on campus has been

its own challenge, on top of adjusting academically to a new system.

With all of these things weighing heavily on students, they might also begin to

experience lower self-esteem, guilt, and other negative emotions that would stem from not being

able to perform the way that they would like (Macan et al.767). In order to combat this,

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