Eat A Live Frog First Thing In The Morning Analysis

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"Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest

of the day."

Mark Twain said that.

What he means is that you should ALWAYS tackle the toughest tasks in your day first.

When you do this, you have a sense of accomplishment at the top of your day and

everything else that comes your way is easier to deal with.

But what if you’re the type who finds it tough to get out of bed on most mornings leave

alone tackle difficult tasks? What if you can’t bear the thought of leaping out of bed at

the crack of dawn?

As always, you can trust me to tell it to you straight. Are you ready? Here it is…

If you’re serious about becoming a successful coach, you need to be serious about

getting things done in the early part of the day.
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Inspirational Idea #2 Keep things simple

It’s hard enough to wake up while it’s still dark outside and that’s why you need to keep

your morning routine as simple as possible. If you don’t, there’s a much higher

likelihood that you’ll end up staying in bed because you can’t bring yourself to face your

complicated, time-consuming morning routine.

Both Zuckerberg and Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs, are well-known for wearing the

same outfit each day to avoid wasting time deciding what to wear. Tory Burch, Fashion

Designer and CEO of Tory Burch LLC, keeps things simple with a low-maintenance

haircut. She’s even known to leave the house with wet hair.

Inspirational Idea #3 Get the details out of the way

You don’t always have to do the toughest work in the mornings. You can also set aside

time to get the small but time-consuming tasks completed, in the pre-dawn hours.

When you realize just how much time opens up in your day when you can get some of

these tiny but time consuming things done, you’ll be motivated to jump out of bed

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