The Importance Of Sexual Violence In Schools

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Colleges care immensely about impressions of their campuses to the expense of some of their students. Amy Becker reports in her article “91 Percent of Colleges Reported Zero Incidents of Rape in 2014” that of 11,000 campuses, 91 percent disclosed zero reports of rape in 2014. This appears as a wonderful statistic however it fails to match with research, campus surveys, or experiences reported by college students. In 2013, the Congress authorized the act Violence Against Women Act to address domestic and dating violence, as well as stalking. This act collected reports of sexual violence from schools only to find these schools failed to rise to the purpose of the act (Becker). For many survivors, school is their greatest resource for safety and justice. The article “Why schools handle sexual violence reports” further explains this, …show more content…
Schools remain the only hope for victims to receive justice against perpetrators. The criminal justice system takes years to properly prosecute perpetrators, creating an unsafe environment for victims if their perpetrators remain on campus as well as putting other students at risk of sexual assault (“Why schools handle sexual violence reports”). The responsibility to provide a safe campus when schools fail to properly handle these cases, how do victims find hope? The banding of victims and other students to fight for the right to matter lead to the discovery of Title IX.
A college’s failure to accurately report the number of sexual assault occurring on campus is a direct

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