Effects Of Sexual Violence In Universities

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Sexual violence on campuses is by no means a new phenomenon, however the mishandling of sexual violence reports has become a norm throughout BC post-secondary institutions. Several The cycle of sexual violence is being facilitated by universities due to their lack of accountability and transparency. Many universities lack stand alone sexual violence policies and instead slot them into a general student code of conduct (Marshall, 2016). It is essential that all post-secondary institutions have a clear process to respond to and address incidents of sexual violence. Universities have more extensive policies to address academic dishonesty, then sexual violence occurring on campus. By not having direct and concise policies the process
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Bill 23 has addressed this concern by mandating that post-secondary institutions make policies in conjunction with their students. This inclusion helps ensure the policies are representative of student’s feelings and knowledge on the issue. It allows for first hand information from people who have experienced a sexual assault on campus and can give insight on what can be done better. A crucial part of the exploration of policy implementation is the experiences of survivors and the voice of advocates and support workers on campuses (Gunraj, A, Celia, W, et al., 2014,15). The inclusion of the student body and the university community is crucial in building effective and inclusive policies. Furthermore, the cooperation between the student body and university administrators creates networks of communication which can reduce the isolation marginalized groups feel. These communication channels could make victims feel more comfortable about coming forward when they are assaulted on campus. The student body of any post-secondary institution is made up of a diverse group of individuals and each person needs to feel like their voice is being heard. Institutions throughout BC have implemented a collaborative structure to assist in developing their sexual violence and misconduct

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