The Importance Of Sexual Assault On College Students

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Throughout this term, we have learned about the frequency of sexual assault among college students, mandatory reporting rules, institutional betrayal, and the many factors that influence a survivor’s choice of whether or not to report a crime. One of the biggest themes so far in class seems to be that education and transparency have the power to improve rules, laws, and public opinions. After the documentary regarding military sexual assault was released, some powers were taken away from commanding officers (Dick &Ziering, 2012). After campus climate surveys here at UO regarding sexual assault, the topic has gained much more attention. Throughout this term, I have learned that education and awareness is a vital step needed in order for laws and rules to be changed.
Sexual assault is a huge problem on American college campuses. Past research involving college students found that over 53% percent of women had experienced some kind of unwanted “sexual victimization” (Koss et al.,1987). Sexual assault is not limited to college campuses, but it is one of the situations that is getting the most notice. This is probably due to the fact that the environment itself, particularly in regards to Greek life, seems to foster behaviors that lead to and even normalize sexual harassment
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As ideal as it would be for consent education to have ended all instances of sexual assault, because it remains a problem it only makes sense to make sure students are knowledgeable about their university’s policies regarding reporting procedures. These may vary from university to university, and it is possible that lack of knowing influences whether or not people report sexual assaults. Researchers have already discovered that the second most noted reason that people do not report is “concerns about confidentiality” (Sable et al.,

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