False Claims In Universities

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Many people argue that there is a rape culture in American society. Even though, many would like to believe that universities are the last a few places where gender inequality and sex related crimes should not be so prevalent. In fact, almost all universities in America claim that they are committed to create an equal and safe environment for everybody. However, that is definitely not the case for many female students and even some male students from those universities. In recent years, over 70 universities around the country are under investigation of the violation of Title IX (Dick, 2015). It means that these universities are not doing so well on protecting their students from sex discrimination. It seems that, for a very long time, university …show more content…
They think that because of these false claims, universities take extra cautions when dealing with sexual assault claims, and are very careful about reporting sexual assault cases to authorities. Many universities use this idea as an excuse for their attitudes towards sexual assault claims. However, this idea is completely false. First of all, there are evidences showing that false claims only take a tiny part of all sexual assault claims (Dick, 2015). So, it should not be an issue for universities to worry about. Second, even if there are some false claims, they should not stop universities from doing their own investigations, and offering supports to sexual assault victims. Right now, many universities have done almost nothing to offer helps to victims. Instead, they try everything to dispel sexual assault claims. The truth is current campus sexual assault policies of many universities are not affected by false claims, but are affected by financial motivations. Both fraternities and college sports bring huge revenues to universities. Today, fraternity has become a huge industry in America. It helps attracting new students to universities. It offers residences to its members, so the universities do no need to worry about issues related to housing. Most importantly, alumnus who are former fraternity members are among the most generous donors (Dick, 2015). College sports are also major income sources for many universities. Having one or two star athletes on the team is very beneficial. Winning games means more incomes and more investments for the universities. For that reason, universities certainly would not want to lose some good players to sex assault claims. Furthermore, a good reputation can attract hundreds of millions of potential donations and investments for universities (Dick, 2015). The universities cannot afford to let those sexual

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