Sexual Objectification In Advertising

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Advertising is extremely different from how it was in the past. Gone are the days where advertisements are simply showing the newest product that helps a person with their everyday life. Unlike the 1970s, where one would see about five hundred ads a day, nowadays one may come across about five thousand ads a day (Heldman). All of this can be blamed on new technology. As a result of an abundance of competition between companies, advertisers are constantly looking for the best tactic to get consumers to buy their product. Sexual objectification has become one of the most common tactics now used by advertisers in the past ten years, but a problem is found with this tactic. Objectifying both women and men with provocative images and deceptive expressions supply consumers a false idea of reality.
PlayStation and Sony Computer Entertainment present a provocative image in its PS Vita advertisement that draws a reader’s
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Men are thought of wanting to be the one in charge in any situation, for the most part. For example, in my family, some of the men often tell people what to do and expect people to do so. Men feel powerful from seeing images of objectified women and are constantly being sold the idea that “they are in the drivers seat” (Heldman). Because of sexual objectification, women are being sold an idea which alters their thinking. The idea that “[sexual objectification] is how [women] get [their] value and this is the way to become the ideal sex object” (Heldman) is what advertisements, like the one for PS Vita, sell. Women are obviously brought into sexual objectification, not only because it is more likely to see a sexually objectified image of a woman, but also because it influences the way women think. Women are already thinking that they are not the same as other men, can not have the same opportunities, and that looks do

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