Customer Service Cultural Analysis

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There are many elements that make up customer service, one of many of them being service culture. Service culture is the values, beliefs, norms, rituals and practices of a group or organization. As a child care director, my service culture would consist of policies that are family and children friendly. Such as creating a schedule that fits traditional and nontraditional parent’s work schedules. My childcare facility will be perceived as being very family oriented and my employees and consumers will be treated in a family like manner. The people I choose to employ will have to genuinely love children and have a background or experience with adolescents.
Additionally, any child care provider I choose to employ will have to be comforting,
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One must understand that people must be treated with respect and impressions that are made with individuals are everlasting on your business. This is of importance because if a negative impression is given to one of your customers, it could be the difference of a poor or proficient reputation of your business. If one 's business reputation is poor it could make it hard to keep customers in general. In current world we live in, people treasure ratings and reviews on businesses. Customers often decide rather they would like to participate with a business based on word of mouth but mostly sources from the internet. Another technique I will use as an advantage to encourage customer loyalty is to give incentives to loyal customers to show them that you are appreciative of their business they give to your organization. Such as on having a customer appreciation lunch or a free gift giveaway on holidays. By showing customers you are appreciative of them, they learn to appreciate doing business with you. Also, giving customers appreciation incentives shows current customers you value them as loyal customers and when you are loyal to your customers, loyalty is usually given in return.
In addition, I plan on building customer loyalty by taking the initiative to
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From a business perspective, a part of customer service is to respect individuals and their differences such as race, religious, practices and personalities etc. Respect has to be a primary part of customer service because when serving people, one will come across diverse people andsituations. Part of being a customer service worker in any field, is being able to respect and be tolerant of others differences, while being able to meet the customers needs. In order to successfully deliver immaculate customer service, one must also be respectful by communicating politely and using manners. Respect is critical because essentially customers are who give owners the ability to stay in business. In other words, customer service providers should always respect customers. Active listening is a key part of customer service as well. Active listening is of great importance in customer service, a customer service provider is to always give their undivided attention to customers to correctly fulfill their needs. If a customer service provider does not give their attention to customers it can result in a unpleasant experience for both the customer

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