The Importance Of Roman Empires In The Hunger Games

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History repeats itself if we as humans do not know what mistakes were made in the past. Ancient Rome lasted for centuries because the leaders adapted to the mistakes of the past leaders. Today’s culture has fallen into a doomed pattern by ignoring the strives the Roman’s made to improve itself. “The Roman Empire made the largest impact on western culture today,” said Dr. Edward Woodfin, a western civilization professor at Converse College. From the time the Roman Empire was established it’s citizens knew there were rich and then there is everyone else. Those who were not rich worked long and hard days under the watchful eye of the Roman army. The rich placated the differences with Panem et Circenses or food and entertainment. Eventually though the rich were outnumbered and a slave revolt began. Suzanne Collins utilizes some of the ancient Roman Empires strengths and weaknesses in her book The Hunger Games by recreating differences in social class and governing …show more content…
When Caesar took control he was a voice for the people and everyone got rich, much like the first sentence. After he died the civil war broke out just like in the Dark Days. Then a new government came in that would not call themselves a monarchy. The government fed the people and graciously provided them with entertainment and food. In fact the name Panem comes from the latin phrase Panem et Circenses (Collins 2). The phrase is what the Government would give people in order to keep them from revolting. After knowing all that it gets hard to differentiate between which was which, but that 's the point. Collins did this deliberately to show that current western culture is being run by a disguised monarchy. Our President is acting like a king and giving us things like free health care in order to keep us from turning against each other. Collins is sending out a warning sign that if we keep going this way a war is bound to

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