How Does Religion Affect Our Life

Religion today makes people who they are, it is the basis for most cultures and a way of life to some. Religion has been giving people of all races and cultures a meaning to their lives, it gives people a purpose. Women throughout history have had to fight for equality and have always been treated different from men, women were not even allowed to vote until late 1920’s. These restrictions on women were in some ways due to religious beliefs that restrict women rights and activities. A prime example of a belief system that discriminates against women would be the Islamic belief. The Islamic belief system follows the teachings of the Quran and in the Quran it is clearly stated that men have superiority over women. Women’s inferior status to men in the Quran is accepted by Muslims due to the fact it is the word of God. This belief of men being superior, restricts certain activities for women and gives of this idea that women are not equal to men. Under Islamic law a man is allowed to marry four wives and can divorce any woman with ease, where on the other hand for a woman to divorce a man it’s a long and difficult task to accomplish. Regardless of how a divorce goes between Muslim couples, the father will obtain custody of boys if they are older than …show more content…
Religion impacts most people’s lives and being born a girl into Islam can be life denying. In most Islamic societies their belief system controls most of their life and their mindsets. The excuse of breaking their tradition and going against the Quran is the reason women in Islam are being restricted. Within this religious belief it is seen that women are treated as a property of men and not treated equally. Change is needed within the Islamic culture in terms of the mistreatment of their women. It is restricting women in many ways during their everyday life and mistreating their

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