Infidelity In Relationships

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The word relationship has become extinct. Do you remember when relationship were simple? I can remember simply checking a box yes or no to becoming someone’s girlfriend. The earlier romance movies demonstrated men opening doors or helping a woman over a puddle. What happened to chivalry? Chivalry is etiquette for men in the presence of a woman such as; pulling out chairs or walking her to the front door. Finding a real relationship in the twenty first century is harder than a rock. However, I have several friends that are in unhappy marriages, and find themselves cheating on their spouse. If couples embrace their sexual desires and identities, it would reduce infidelity.
Relationships are not complicated! Not knowing your
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Couples should keep the hooking up stage. For example, my mate and I will go to a club with our friends. Although, we are in the same club, we are on opposite sides of the room with our friends. We acted like two complete strangers, and then we hooked up later for a night cap. Every relationship should experience sexual plasticity. For example, the old fashion missionary position is one way of having sex. However, stepping out if the box and exploring new events such as; pure romance events, ladies nights, or watching an adult video will help a couple engage in different adventurous sex acts. Communication is always the key to a successful relationship. However, people never communicate with each other. Couples have to learn how to sexual please each other, and open up to their panthers about their sexual desires. For instance, “in Fifty Shades of Grey” Christian enjoyed sexual pleasure from sadomasochism, submission or dominance. He seeks sexual gratification though giving pain to females. Females and males have to know how to please themselves in orders to coach their mates on what turns them on.
Recently, I have witnessed several married couples engaging in cohabiting. Although, the males are in a marriage with their wives, their girlfriends are living in the household as well. Therefore, bisexuality or unlabeled sexuality is encouraged (Manley, Diamond, & Van,
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If you are in a marriage or relationship, fulfill your partner sexual desire to hold onto the relationship. The mistresses or side chicks in the twenty first century are becoming the main or wife. People do not like to admit it, but sex is important in a relationship. In my generation, infidelity is a big issue amongst my peers. Spouses are seeking for sexual pleasure because they are not sexual satisfied. I have asked my male friends why they cheat on their wives or girlfriends. Unhappy spouses or a deprived relationship of intimacy often lead to a breakup or divorce (Birnbaum, Reis, Mizrahi, Kanat-Maymon, Sass, & Granovski-Milner, 2016). The answer I received is their women do not want to fulfil their sexual desires. Therefore, it forces them to seek for a person to satisfy them their needs. Men don’t cheat for love, they cheat for

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