The Importance Of Reflective Practice Within The Health And Social Care

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This essay will outline the importance of reflective practice within the health & social care. It will look at frameworks of reflecting models and Governing bodies and why such standards are in place using reports Francis Report

Reflection is the personal exploration of your own thoughts and actions; it is about thinking things over, which will often reveal anxieties, errors and weakness as well as strengths and successes (Boyd and Fales 1983, p19) Reflection plays an important act in which people recall their experience 's, absorb information to ponder over & figure out how to improve it (Boud, D, Keogh, R & Walker, D, 1985 Reflection: Turning Experience into Learning, p 43). Working in a clinical care setting means being conscious about how you interact with fellow workers, patients, and the environment. It also means reflecting on your own values, beliefs, and experiences, shaping thoughts and ideas taking responsibility for providing an equal, non-bias and overall practice to all. Personal beliefs and values may be explored by thinking back over a situation or action, then developing a different plan if action to gain insight into a new way of learning, reflection is a process of lifelong learning and professional development which involves being more self – aware and critically analysing in practical surroundings (Boud 1985; Boyd and Fales, 1983; Mezirow, 1981, Jarvis, 1992).

Reflective practice is important to everyone for multiple reasons it provides a valuable…

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