The Importance Of Reflection Within Personal And Professional Development

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Reflection is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, improve our practice and knowledge, and to also recognise the positives from an experience. If we don’t use reflection, we will never understand reasons why we do certain things or never be able to improve on previous experiences for the future. Reflection is essential in a care setting as situations are always arising, and we need to make sure we work to the best of our ability.

This essay will be discussing the importance of reflection within personal and professional development and also the role of reflection in the provision of quality care within a care setting. This particular essay will involve the values and principles of the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) and also a thoroughly researched explanation of Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988).

Health care professionals come across many difficult situations within their careers. These range from ethical issues, staying within professional boundaries and facing hard decisions. When these situations arise, health care professionals need to make a decision and act upon the decision they have made. It is very important for a health care professional to reflect on their decisions and actions to perhaps praise themselves for working to the best of their ability or to realise how they would do things differently in the future if the same situations arises. When reflecting upon practice, a health care professional should consider the following; where are there gaps in…

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