The Importance Of Recognizing The Range Of Diverse Learners Groups

1415 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
The following essay will highlight and discuss the importance of recognizing the range of diverse learners groups, using updated instructional strategies to engage this diverse population, and recognizing how conducting and understanding research can help educators with professional goals. Additionally, there will be a discussion of the presence and importance of multicultural education in the multicultural classroom, diverse learner characteristics and differentiated instruction, as well as ways in which these themes may help educators become more fluid in meeting the needs of a diverse learner population. Included are ways in which teachers as well as students are able to progress through learner based curriculum adjustments, tailored instructional methods to engage learners, acknowledgement of prejudice, and implementation of developmentally appropriate curricular content and presentation strategies. According to the NCES, the U.S. population has become more diverse over the past two decades as the population of Hispanics and Asians have increased more rapidly than the populations of Whites and Blacks. By the year 2025, population statistics predict the population to be comprised of 58% White and 42% ethnic groups such as Hispanic, Black, and Asian. Additionally, in the Southern United States non-whites accounted for only 50% of students enrolled in the school system. Being of an ethnic grouping other than White or Asian, correlates with drop-out rates particularly in…

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