One Fish Two Fish Analysis

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The first book that I remember someone, my mother, reading me is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. My mother would always read to me before bed. We would snuggle together, and I strongly believe that these experiences shaped me into the reader I am today. Also, I believed that it contributed to my love of reading.

2. Again, here is a prompt – read it, close your eyes and think about what the response should be. What is the first thing you remember reading on your own, either to yourself or to someone else? Tell me what it was and how you felt. The first book I remember reading to myself was a compilation book of Disney princesses. I absolutely loved that book, though I hadn’t thought about it recently. When I was
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My earliest memories include sitting in the car listening to Bon Jovi, my mom’s favorite artist. She would always sing along, and often would turn down the music to talk to me.

5. What was the first music piece you bought (or otherwise procured) for yourself? What was it? Why? What do you recall about it most? Or, tell me about your first concert or live musical experience.
The first CD I bought was Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut album. The reason I bought it was because I absolutely loved her song, “Our Song.” The thing I recall most about it was the gorgeous scenery the album photos took place at.

6. What was your favorite television show, going as far back as you can recall? Why did you like it? Would you still watch it now? (Maybe you watch it as a guilty pleasure, in secret.)
I did not really care to watch T.V. as much as a child. The only way I would watch it would be if my mother would turn it on for me; I preferred Disney movies. My favorite one was The Little Mermaid. I love the ocean, ocean creatures, the songs, it is the most iconic movie of all time. And yes I still watch it now. I can practically tell you frame by frame what happens in the first and second

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