The Importance Of Reading And Writing Skills

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1: Reading and writing are basic skills for every college students. These two skills are so important that every universities have composition courses for its students. College students are expected to read hundreds of pages long reading materials and write highly professional research papers. Every college students would say they know how to read and write. However, few of them knows how to read and write effectively.

Everyone feel overwhelmed when they face hundreds of pages reading at a week. While some people are able to absorb the essential information of paper in short time, other students poured all their time reading the book but failed to remember a world. The difference comes from different reading methods. In my opinion, those
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We all want the inputting process to be quick and accurate, meanwhile, we all want to outputting process to be understandable.

The rule of thumb for writing is to be easy to read. No matter using what formats and narratives, the passage should always be clear and make sense. In the past, I overly obsess with using complicated words in my papers and they embarrassed me many times. Afterward, I always stick to the clearness of my paper. Every time I write something complicated I would ask others to read them to make sure that they are making sense to others.

An educated people is defined as being able to writing and reading instead of speaking and listening because unlike speaking and listening, which are learned naturally, good reading and writing skills are learned in systematic education. Therefore, even the bestsellers are still constantly learning the new writing skills. For college students, the best way to improve these skills is to
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Since I was in the elementary school, my English writing teach always praise me for this characteristic. In high school, we were asked to write a travel diary, which I was interested in. I spent almost my entire week on composing the paper. I did the research about the place I been to, I edited the photos about the travel, and I revised the drafts over to reach satisfaction. It turns out that unlike others’ papers with plain description, mine was complimented by all my classmates and teacher and posted on the “Sample paper wall”. Even now, I can still recall that rewarding experience as I writer. It made me believe that people can excel in things that they

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