The Importance Of Raw Food

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Food is the first of the essentials of life, the world’s largest industry, our most frequently indulged pleasure, the core of most intimate social relationship (1). Food identifies who we are, where we came from, and what we want to be (1). Food is composed of many complex molecules (2). Some provide structural components, some provide energy, some interact with various receptors and transmit signals to our bodies, and some are relatively inert (2). People sometimes oversimply food, and say things like, “I drink milk for calcium,” or “I eat whole grain for fiber” but the truth is that all whole unprocessed food is a rich, complex blend of nutrients (2). Food quality is important to maintain a healthy metabolism and keeps our immune
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Raw can refer to foods that do not readily have their enzymes available, even though they have not been heated or destroyed (4). “Why raw?” is simple: It could change your life. It changed mine. Raw food is healthful for two reasons: (i) It contains phytonutrients (nutrients found in plants); (ii) It promotes digestions due to its fiber, water, and enzyme content (4). Phytonutrients and enzymes are damaged by high levels of heat; enzymes stars to “denature” (become mangled) around 118ºF (48ºC) (5). At higher temperatures, phytonutrients start to become less bio-available, depending on the temperature, duration, cooking method, and other factor (6).

Cooked Food

Cooking food can change to better taste, but it also changes the nutritional contents (7). Interestingly some vitamins are lost when food is cooked, while others become more available body use (7). Cooking and processing food destroys nutrients by changing their size, molecular shape, and chemical potential (8). The ensuring biochemical chaos results in the accumulation of
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Sarma Malngailis confirms, “Eating only raw plant foods can give you so much energy; it is like a natural version of Ecstasy and you never crash (21).”
Natalia Rose, mentioned she eats more calories on a 95% raw diet when she weighed 30 pounds more what she eats exits from her body quickly and that is not stored as waste or fat in the body (22).
Free Time
Not required to scrub the pans and pots of all sticky, cooked food only need to wash utensils and dishes in raw food meals is simply a matter of rinsing (14).
Herodotus claimed that the Pelasgians, who ate a diet of vegetables, raw fruits, seeds and nuts, lived an average of 200 years. This would make them the longest-lived people in recorded history (14).

Spoilage of Food

Fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry sea food, milk and dairy products and other various food products differ in their biochemical composition and therefore are subject to spoilage by different microbial populations (23). The chemical properties of a food product influence the type of microorganisms that can grow and hence determine the changes in appearance, flavor, odor and other qualities food (23). Table 1 provide types food spoilage and

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