The Role Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

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Discrimination distresses countless individuals all over the world. Persons of all backgrounds and from all diverse walks of life are subjective in some way by workplace discrimination. "Discrimination" defines inadequate treatment. One of the most communal features discriminated against is an individual’s ethnicity, or their race. This is known as Racial Discrimination. Even though there are various federal laws with reference to discrimination, most states have sanctioned laws that forbid discriminatory acts.
Race discrimination consists of treating someone unfairly for the reason that the person is of a certain race or because of the particular physical characteristics connected with race, such the individual’s hair texture, skin color,
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However, in some cases there may be an individual whether supervisor or management that may treat certain employees different and may possibly is considered discriminative against other employees. Race discrimination shall be controlled and eliminated in the workplaces. Initially, employers should realize that they have a vital role in eliminating race discrimination in the workplace setting. The reality of indirect legal responsibility requires that an employer is accountable for the actions of their employees. For this reason, it is necessary for all organizations to implement proper measures that safeguard workplace harassment because of one’s race should be minimized (Beemer, 2017). Therefore, ensuring these procedures require a transparent Human Resource …show more content…
Organizations should focus on training all the employees beginning with the hiring officials on how they should all conduct themselves in the workplace. All employees should be made aware of the company’s policy regarding racial injustice. Chung, Gully, Lovelace states, “Diversity training is intended to eliminate on-the-job complications to allow individuals to work together well with others who may come from different backgrounds (Chung, Gully, & Lovelace, 2017). Hold team meeting and training sessions can give employees a chance to learn more about one another.
Most of society would agree that at the heart of every person American dream is safeguarding a respectable career. Alongside of that vision, comes the right to work hard, provide for yourself and your family and, above everything, preserve that profession and progress in that job established on importance. When we enter our places of work places we should not be fearful of being discriminated against because we do not meet their expectations on how someone should look, nor should anyone fear applying for a promotion or advancement in the job because someone else has a problem with an individual’s ethnicity (Zachary, Shalom, Edo,

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