Why Do We Study Psychology

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Human beings are a curious species, almost like cats. From the very beginning it was, “Why does water fall from the sky in droplets?” or “Why does the sun come up at certain times of the day?” Now we have questions like, “Why do we study psychology?” or “Why do we study psychology?” Does it even make a difference? Why do I even want to study psychology?” The first set of questions are fairly simple to answer today, but the second set of questions you may have to reach deep inside of yourself and many textbooks to be able find the answers. For some people, this may be the hardest thing they have to do. We study psychology because we are basically studying ourselves and our behavior. Many people stumble over psychology such as Linda M. Bartoshuk. She originally wanted to major in astronomy, but the men in that field did not embrace women. Bartoshuk then turned to psychology. Psychology accepted all of the credits of science and math she had previously taken. Unlike Bartoshuk, Patrice Marie Miller had been …show more content…
Psychology is one of the very interesting topics that can help people. Some psychologists study the brains of many people in order to help those with mental illnesses, while others go into different fields and minor in psychology. One of the main reasons I want to study psychology is that it is one of the most fascinating fields out there. Learning about how the brain works, what makes us humans do what they do and feel what we feel, has drawn my attention to be able to focus on psychology. I also cannot help but want to help people; it is in my nature to do so. I do not know exactly what I would like to do when I make it in the ‘real’ world, but I have been considering criminal justice investigation which connects genetics and psychology. Some people might see criminal justice as an adventure, which it may be, but it also comes with

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