Essay on The Importance Of Psychology As A Psychologist

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One of the biggest rewards in her career as a psychologist is being able to do more for those patients who are struggling. She is able to get to the root of the problem, as she usually sees patients in multiple occasions, which gives her more time to accomplish goals. She also enjoys how diverse her typical work day can be, especially at the health centre. She mentions she does not have a typical day at work, since her clientele is of all ages and with multiple disabilities. Her job also provides her with opportunities for professional development, as she gets opportunities to do presentations in other facilities, workshops, attend conferences, and provide training to those who need it. She enjoys her job at the centre since she works with a diverse team that includes nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, and other professionals. There is always someone willing to provide consultation if you ever need it and everyone works as a team to provide the best possible treatment for all the patients. She also mentioned that psychology is a broad field and there is always a job available in the market, she also says that it is a satisfying career because she feels she gives back to the community every day. Although she likes both of her jobs, she does admit there are some challenges in the profession. First, she sometimes struggles balancing work and home life as she has a lot on her plate with two jobs, as well as at home with her husband and kids. The day we…

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