The Importance Of Prejudice In Modern Society

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In modern society, stereotypes and prejudice have become a common issue, causing people to feel offended and experience a lower level of self-worth. Stereotyping is making an exaggerated or oversimplified belief about people who belong to a certain group. Prejudice is an unfair opinion or judgement of a particular group of people. By teaching and establishing tolerance to replace judgement and discrimination among all groups of people, higher levels of success can be achieved. Naturally, people notice differences; yet, making judgements based on these noticed differences is something that is developed - something that is learned. The immediate reaction of many people is to reject diversity and stick to working with people who are like them: those holding the same beliefs, possessing the same skills and strengths, and having the same outward appearance. By doing this, they are allowing their overwhelming prejudice to hinder them from reaching their full potential. If, instead, they were to embrace the unique abilities and outlooks of individuals, they would find that solving complex problems through creative solutions is much easier. In fact, …show more content…
This is entirely not true, since all cultures provide something unique to offer our society. The benefits of accepting diversity are far more substantial than the feeling of superiority that drives stereotypes and prejudice. In conclusion, the advancement of society is being limited by the desire to feel superior, which encompasses the vast majority of people, coming from stereotypes and prejudice. Replacing prejudice with tolerance requires a few main steps, including mental correction, behavioral changes, and acceptance. Once we begin to practice tolerance, others will follow and many benefits will come because diversity is not a threat; It is the foundation of evolution for the human

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