The Importance Of Solutio Oppression

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The United States is a country built on the oppression of others. It started with the brutalization of the Native Americans, then the capture and enslavement of thousands of Africans, and even today continues on through the mistreatment and underpaying of many immigrate groups. In the United States and even in other countries people are sold the idea of the American Dream, a philosophy that states that anyone can succeed in American if their willing to work hard enough, but so far it is still only a dream. Although no one wants to believe that they have an unfair advantage, in this country certain opportunities are only given to those who are seen as having the “right” skin color, gender and sexuality. Speaking about the injustice in the society is the first step toward trying to find a …show more content…
Having intuitional power allows a group to be in a position where they will be able to force their culture norms and socialization onto other cultural groups. Oppression is not done on a situational or individual basis. The oppression of a group can take place for over hundreds of years and affects everyone in that social group. A social group experiencing oppression is keep from getting complete access to all the resources society has to offer. The people who benefit from the oppression of another group have privilege. Those who fit the social justice definition of privilege do not have to be incredibility rich or never experience hardships, they just are born into a dominate group in society and have advantages gained from the oppression of others. When someone possess privileges they rarely even think about them. Many who have privilege are socialized to believe that they deserved to have advantages over others and are more superior to the minority groups who have little

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