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After completing the steps of the RTI process, I was able to recognize of how collaboration within the school setting that could happen for these two students. Within the school, there are so many possible team member ho can help identify struggling students and for you as the special education teacher to collaborate it.
First person to involved is the classroom teacher. The general education teacher keeps track of student’s attendance to see if attendance is interfering with student’s ability to learn. The general education teacher delivers class wide instruction and helps with screening of all students. The general education teacher will provide targeted interventions to small groups as need. In some cases general education teachers share the responsibility with documentation on student’s progress that helps the RTI team tell how well interventions are working. Lastly the general
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As a group we set his goal using the aim line method. His median baseline reading fluency rate for CBA administered to monitor progress was 84 CRW per minute. An ambitious goal of .8 words improvement per week was chosen instead of the realistic weekly goal of .5 words improvement per week due to the faith in George Mikan that the RTI team had. We projected that the end of 12 weeks intervention period that George might be able to read 95 CRW per minute. It would appear that if the RTI team had reviewed George data after the 6-week mark to have at least six data marks that he has based the four-point rule. George has exceeded predicted improvement to reach 123 words per minute by week 12. If the intervention went an extra week or two, we predict that George Mikan would be at benchmark of 127 WCR if we use the Tuey Trend Line. At this time, we found it reasonable to increase CBA monitoring level reading materials so that George can catch up with the class before discontinuing Tier 11

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