Pros And Cons Of Pornogrphy

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Porn: More Help Than Harm

Pornogrphy is one of the most controversical but ever present parts of our everyday lives. In this day and age, it is more readily available for our viewing than ever before. We can see it in movies, magazines and on the our computers with the click of a button. However, this leads us to one of the most morally testing questions of a modern day relationship, “Is watching pornography cheating?” With so many different opinions circling the media, there is only one real answer. Viewing pornography is not an act of infidelity in any way. The act of adultery is only committed when interacting with another man or woman other than your current partner. Pornography is a idealistic representation and is no more real
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Pornography is widely understood to be fake. The people taking part are actors which are getting paid and every move is scripted. It is no different from a film we would go see in the theatre. However, if a man gets in contact with a prostitute and brings his sexual fantasies to life, that would condemn him as an adulterer. “The line that matters is the one between fantasy and reality—between the call girl who’s really there having sex with you, and the porn star who’s selling the image of herself having sex to a host of men she’ll never even meet” (Douthat 13). However, many men and women do not actually desire to take part in the acts in pornography, only idealize them. It is a way of exploring our sexual deviance while not jeopardizing our relationships or reputation. Janssen describes porn as, “a place where people can safely dream about things they would not want to have happen or do in real life (just as we may like movies that present us with worlds we would not want to live in)”(11). Although we may dream of being along side Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, most would not choose to have the sci-fi film be our own reality. We use porn as an escape from our monotonous sex life without giving up the comfort of repetition and the uncertainty of change. Many women believe that choosing to view the actors in pornography over your partner is an act of adultery. However, these women fail to understand the separation between fantasy and reality. This is mostly the fault of our own society and its expectations of women. Jassen states, “Society poses greater restrictions on women 's sexuality and doesn 't encourage women, to the same degree as men, to explore their sexuality”(8). With these social restraints on porn, women are intimidated of the idea of porn and the near-perfect girls casted in them. With

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