Summary Of Boyabuse By R. V. Sharpe

The existence of child pornography is destructive and inherently harmful to children and society (Bray, 2009).
Hart’s work through legal positivism argues that laws are used to govern society; therefore, the population is expected to abide by them. As a result, conformity from its members keeps society running smoothly and efficiently (Stith, 2008). However, disruptive members of society are sanctioned to guarantee conformity from the rest of the population (Stith, 2008). Additionally, the criminal code of Canada dictates behaviors that are unacceptable in society (Stith, 2008). Therefore, breaking those laws showed Mr. Sharpe blatant disregard for Canadian laws. As a result, his actions violated the rules of law and accountability is warranted
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Sharpe’s actions showed a gradual escalation from his thoughts to his deviant behavior, where his ideas were converted to graphic short stories titled “boyabuse” (R. v. Sharpe, [2001] 1 S.C.R. 45, 2001 SCC 2). Boyabuse is a compilation of explicit short stories describing minors engaging in sexual activities with adults (R. v. Sharpe, [2001] 1 S.C.R. 45, 2001 SCC 2). However, this behaviour further intensified as he visited a known advocate for pederasty and pedophilia in Amsterdam (R. v. Sharpe, [2001] 1 S.C.R. 45, 2001 SCC 2). Mr. Sharpe behaviour drastically escalated when customs found nude pictures of minors in his possession for which he was arrested (R. v. Sharpe, [2001] 1 S.C.R. 45, 2001 SCC 2). This shows that our thoughts influence attitudes that control actions and reactions; therefore, if thoughts are negative, it can impact our behaviour negatively (Ronel, 2011). Conversely, the feminist theorist Catherine MacKinnon argues popular culture has normalized deviant behavior through sexualizing of women and children (Kuipers, 2006). Furthermore, normalizing child pornography supports the abuse of women in a patriarchal society (Grebowicz, 2011). As a result, child pornography is used by men as entertainment and gratification; however, violence against women and children should not be an acceptable behavior in our society (Grebowicz, 2011). Therefore, the criminal justice system should use Mr. Sharpe to deter the public from engaging in criminal activities, …show more content…
Child pornography is used to fulfill selfish desires without thinking about the harm children involved endured. Society views this behaviour as disturbing and revolting as one of the most vulnerable groups in society is being exploited for pleasure and gratification. Furthermore, child pornography is routinely displayed in art exhibits, articles, books and online for the world to see. As a result, it normalizes the behaviour and desensitize its users to the reality of the children displayed. The exploitation of minors has no redeemable value in this our civilized population. Its existence shows how corrupt morals are, as the abuse of children is viewed and treated as an ordinary everyday activity. As a society, the collective consensus is to protect children from harm. Therefore, child pornography corrupts the norms and values in society and the criminal justice system is expected to take appropriate measures to deter this behaviour. As a result, people that engage in child pornography is charged under Criminal Code of Canada. This piece of legislation shows that abusive behaviours involving children is not tolerated in our

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