Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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When police do their job and people resist and don’t obey by the law and fight it they have the right to react. Police are there helping you and the others around you and are out there risking their life. Do what police say. When a police reacts to someone resisting arrest and police reacting is not police brutality.
People follow the law and don’t resist they will not be in that situation in first place. When a cop throws you on the ground and tries to arrest you it is not necessarily police brutality. Don’t argue with cops. When the police has the authority to do what it takes to get job done .If you don’t resist arrest you don’t have worry. When people say f the police the police are there to protect and serve you and are not against you. Cops are there for you. The police are there to help they don’t have to be there. They don’t have to help you even if they need too. They are just regular people just doing their job. Police go out to serve for you and keep you safe and make sure the world around you is safe.
If they were not there serving to keep you safe everyone would be crazy and out of control. The
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They want to blame all white cops and say they are bad they are helping and yall need undertand that and try not to be so dumb. In the United States, major political and social movements have involved excessive force by police, including the civil rights movement of the 1960s, anti-war demonstrations, the war of drugs and the Global War on Terrorism . In 2014, the UN Committee against Torture condemned police brutality and excessive use of force by law enforcement in the US, and highlighted the "frequent and recurrent police shooting. There are many reasons as to why police officers can sometimes be excessively

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