The Influence Of Video Games

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Video games have almost always been thought of as just fun and games, however they can actually improve sensory motor skills in drastic ways. Playing games regularly often improves how well one can respond to lateral deviation during driving and can even teach people how to predict errors before they occur on the road. Even with no gaming experience a person can be trained to play video games and still improve in these same areas. The experiment conducted for this study hypothesized that playing video games for several hours a week would improve a person’s visuomotor control while driving and performing other tasks.
The research data collected from this study was funded by two grants from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and was performed at the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong (Li, R. Chen, & J. Chen, 2016). Video games used in the experiment ranged from first person shooters, complex simulation games, and driving games; the controllers used also varied from wii remote steering wheels, joysticks, and computer mice and keyboard sets. The tasks that the participants were asked to perform were done in twenty to forty-five minutes, and
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The non-action gamers were considered to be any person that had not played any video game for the past two years or played less than one to two hours a week for the past six months. Experiment one was called the “lane-keeping task” in which participants must stay between two dashed line about three meters apart from each other as you would in a vehicle. The second experiment was a visuomotor control task where the participant is looking at a darkened background with a single red orb in the center. The user is to keep the orb centered as it attempts to move to the edges of the screen by pushing the joystick in different

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