Pros And Cons Of Plastic Surgeries

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Plastic surgeries have always been a long-standing habit since the early stages of human civilization, where people used to embellish themselves by the use of natural products as (flowers, plant twigs, animal bones…etc.). In opposition to the current days, they are classified as a modified version of that archaic routine that was practiced a long time ago (Singh, 2007). The desire of “staying forever young” has initiated an endless competition between all mankind to dig for the latest options available. This desire has gotten to an extent that even makeup no longer pleases people’s needs, but grabs their attention to accept cosmetic surgeries as the final answer to their requirements. But, what are their “requirements”: a flatter stomach, a …show more content…
People judge others upon certain criterion that significantly varies from the simplest things such as dying your hair, to the extent of judging someone’s behavior. Where do you think are plastic surgeries classified? Does the fear of being judged by others negatively influence people not to perform plastic surgeries anymore? When people often imagine someone who has had plastic surgery, they mostly picture a woman with a stretched, unnatural face or overly sized lips (Shermak, 2013). Moreover, bringing such visualized images into reality will spontaneously make others judge them. It is absolutely not their fault to have wrong priorities, but the society’s stereotypical judgment. However, does such discernment act as a barrier between a person and the plastic surgery?
People’s responses towards plastic surgeries may vary from a certain individual to the other. Some might directly accept a person who has already done plastic surgery, while others may take it a bit personal and avoid such people. People’s attitudes toward those who had done plastic surgeries can range from people being stunned to people being shocked. Yet, the majority would be more than fine with tolerating people having plastic surgery

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