Causes Of Plagiarism In Dead Poets Society

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Students today have a different attitude towards work being put in front of them. This attitude change in the past century has dissolved the severity of cheating and plagiarism. Determining what students constitute as plagiarism and how it has rapidly grown in today´s age could be an important factor in the curing of the disease. To determine the cause of plagiarism we must understand why students feel the need to cheat. Trip Gabriel in ‘Generation Plagiarism’ states, “ Copying and Pasting from the Web is just like copying from a book. But too many students don’t know--or don’t care--that it’s cheating.”
This statement made can be directly correlated with the change in the ethical code in students today for example, the students can find
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Kathleen builds her point by awakening the idea of how many teachers do not confiscate cell-phones during tests or let alone quizzes. A cell-phone camera can be used to attain information within a few seconds. The technology students have access to can be affecting the ethical codes students’ have for the rest of their lives.
Cheating in school can greatly affect the knowledge students gain to put towards their future. In the movie Dead Poets Society , Mr. Keating the main character tries to preach to his students the importance of one’s thoughts and morals. Plagiarizing does not teach students how to use their own thoughts and express their own feelings. For example, in the construction industry a contractor who has no mathematical skills reflects poor performance during projects. Many jobs will not be done correctly using people who cheated to get a degree.
In the working world many people earn their level of education through years of knowledge and experience, however a student plagiarizing throughout school to earn a degree can make the knowledge the student should’ve learned not be perceived by the brain. According to Reva Fish, students are actually cheating themselves. The students miss out on all the information they need to become successful in their field of work. Trying to determine who to trust with their degree in the working world could be very dangerous. Not only the working world will
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Kymberly Bennett’s article says Instructors will begin to differentiate their perceptions on the true meaning of plagiarism. The definition and consequences of plagiarism could be forgotten as teachers begin to do nothing when crossing recycled work. This article is an example of the deterioration of the educational ethics that could be faced if plagiarism
The bottom line is that plagiarism has been made easier through the digital age, however is never acceptable. Technology has transformed plagiarism into a double edged sword. While the digital age has provided numerous ways for students to cheat, it has also been able to allow instructors to detect plagiarism. Unless instructors start to use the technology to crack down on plagiarism, the true meaning of plagiarism will start to fade and the educational system will begin to lose its morals.

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