The Importance Of Physical Activity On Health Essay

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This week’s goal was understanding the importance of physical activity to the health and ways to optimize a person 's health while enduring various forms of activities. Typically, I love to be active. My go to exercises I thoroughly enjoy are running and yoga. Between these two forms of activity, I include aerobics, flexibility, and strength training. During the summer and in between semesters, I am constantly active and workout about twice a day. Usually each morning I jog of four miles and then begin a night session of yoga lasting 45 min to an hour. I know I sometimes feel like absolute crap before exercising, however, after moving my muscles for a bit, I feel immensely better. Exercising can even help during a cold and will help to open up my airways. In the summer, I always set my goal to be able to run 13 miles. This is because during the summer I have the time to dedicate to myself. Running 13 miles at the start of the summer is nearly impossible, after spending most of the winter being inactive. This is why I set it as a long term goal. I know if I don’t set a long term goal then my everyday runs will always stay the same intensity and same length. Having set a long term goal helps me to set short term goals such as running an extra mile that day, or if I 'm pressed for time, I try to increase my pace. Setting goals that are difficult, yet attainable, certainly support my overall health. Come the end of summer, I am much healthier than at the start of it.…

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