Peer Interaction Essay

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In present world, peer interaction is playing a key role in changing student learning in classroom. Students who participate in classroom interaction has more benefits than those of students in online learning, but now a days students show more interest towards online learning. Therefore student academic performance is affected due to the online learning. Whereas in classroom learning students can actively participate and share their knowledge and problem solving methods among the students and faculty. The purpose of this research is to relate peer interaction with academic performance of student participation with in a graduate level school in Industrial Management at University of Central Missouri. In this chapter, the research explained about the subject, specimen selection, research instruments, statistical analysis, Research plan and Time on task analysis.
Specimen for this research will be considering both
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Do you agree that an active peer interaction will help the student to develop their communication skills?
10. Do you agree that self-motivation will make a difference in student learning and overall academic performance?
11. What are the problems that a student face when they did not take an active participation in classroom learning?
Research plan:
Step 1: Cross sectional survey has to be used in this research study which depends on the research problems addressed.
Step 2: To conduct survey permission should be taken from the concerned department in university.
Step 3: After having the approval for the concerned department a sample group must be selected from the population who are nothing but participants.
Step 4: Questioner is used as the tool for the survey.
Step 5: Questioners are distributed among the graduate students of participants.
Step 6: Based on the feedback provided by the students regarding the impacts of peer interaction in absence of classroom.
Step 7: Recommendations are considered based on the feedback.

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