Personal Narrative-Building Relationship In High School

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As I go further into my engineering degree, I realize the need for collaboration with my peers. Much of my freshman year, I was able to do everything on my own. It did not affect me that I avoided studying with friends. More often than not, I even purposely chose to study by myself. My main excuse would be, “I need to focus. If I study with friends, I’ll get distracted.” Now, that may have been the case during freshman year, but things are certainly changing as I am now surrounded by students who have a desire to focus. Much of the problem I may have ran into is that often freshmen are not as dedicated to their schoolwork. Therefore, when study sessions occurred, they would easily get off topic. I have found that the students surrounding me no longer get off topic and have the same goal to succeed.
Building Relationships This year, I have put more focus into building relationships. Last year, I started the year with my current local friends and ended the year with the same, no new, current local friends. While this was not all horrible, I did completely neglect the new chances I had to make friends. I was very secluded as a freshman. Therefore, I made a point this year to change that; I made a point to build new relationships. I finally realized the many values of new relationships in college. I never devalued them, but
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I am partially participating in a co-curricular activity. Currently, I am voluntarily helping out in the MakerSpace. I chose to do so that I can start practically applying what I am using. While volunteering in the MakerSpace does not stretch my engineering abilities too much, it does give me familiarity with the many tools available to me and collaboration with students within my career. Beyond just working in the MakerSpace, I have not yet looked into other opportunities for me to participate in co-curricular

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