The Importance Of Pay For Music

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I’d rather pay for it than eat free lunch Vincy Nie

Does it make sense to pay for medicine prescribed by the doctors, but not for medication that can heal your heart? Does it make sense to have a citation for essays, but not have credit for a piece of music that you listen to? Does it make sense to eating free lunch, rather than paying for it? Have you thought about how your favorite song comes to life? About how an artist plays each note, and listens to it hundreds of thousands of times in order to find the best one? Some people say that music should be free because it is created for the public. That is absolutely right. However, when musicians cannot make a living, the world may not have great
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For customers, it is worthwhile to pay for a piece of music because a high sound quality will be given, which avoids the lossy compression. Poor sound quality produces more noise to our ears. Kilo Bits Per Second is the measure for sound quality. It is said that “128 kbps MP3 files will be smaller in size, remove more of the higher frequencies (>16 kHz) and have slightly more audible compression artifacts.” There is an online test created for people to know more about their ears. The result shows the importance of high-quality music to our ears and at the same time provides us a feeling of different sound quality. High-quality music provides listeners a three- dimension effect, a closer communication with the composer. Sometimes, detailed stories and feelings may only be discovered in high-quality music. A friend of mine who is a professional music producer once told me that the existence of low sound quality music is one of the selling strategies by record companies due to the fact the people are not willing to pay for …show more content…
I did not really support the argument when I was only a listener and a customer until I know more about works behind the scene. When it was me who really do the composition and be the producer in front of a piano, I changed my view. First, I have to download an application like Sibelius to make my typing process easier. The more functions it has, the more expensive it costs. Professional musicians are prepared to spend money on tools and instruments they definitely need. The professional software brings better effect on mix sound and easier operations like creating harmonization by only one click. Hence, producing music is obviously a fee- required process. Then, I have to come up with a melody. I have to make sure that every note connects with each other and the whole sentence has the feeling I want to express. I have to know the rule of making harmony, melody, tone, and pitch. I have to listen to thousands of songs in order to create one melody on your own. A slight change of one note on the piano, for example, a change from C to D could lead to huge changes on every other instrument for the entire piece. It takes time to type in melody and also takes time to figure out harmony and regulating the relationships between different instruments. It may take years to finish one fabulous piece because music composition is not solving math problems. There are countless possibilities of choices

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