Parenting License: An Argumentative Analysis

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If you need a license to drive a car, sell alcohol, hunt, and practice medicine and a permit to own a gun why not enforce a parenting license? There are countless horror stories of child endangerment and neglect, therefore, law enforcement should require parents to have a parenting license. A parent or foster family must go through a series of requirements in order to adopt or foster a child. Often a lack of education and preparedness for parenting exists when conception occurs. If a license became required before a child was conceived parents would be better equipped and prepared when the child arrived. The requirements to obtain the license would help assist the parents in broadening their foundation of knowledge.
Requiring parents to have a license is a debatable issue because there are numerous conflicting ideas about this topic. Requiring parents to obtain a Privilege of Parenting Permit would help prepare parents for the challenges of raising a child, create a safer environment not only for the child but for the parent as well, and
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Engster clearly establish the problems that might occur if the licensing permit was requires. Those who proposed the parental licensing would want to ensure that parents were emotionally and financially stable. Engster states that “These plans would generate numerous undesirable consequences, unfairly burden woman, and ultimately bring harm to children” (Engster). The author of this research article suggested a different model and referred to this model as “public parenting.” In this public parenting model, the state and the parents would work together to help the children grow and develop into responsible young adults. Free services would be provided by the state to the families including prenatal care, maternity leave, child care. Daniel Engster desires to live in a society that will help parents in raise their

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