Pros And Cons Of Parenting License

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Parenting License
There are children suffering today because of many inexcusable reasons. A lot of children lack proper nutrition, adequate shelter or emotional support. Our children will become the future and they need to be taken care of with kindness and gentleness, guided to be the best they can be, given opportunities and raised with love. There should be no child, who has to fight for their life, be exposed to neglect and abuse, or provide for themselves. With these examples the state of Texas needs to require people who wish to become parents to get a license to have a child.
The number one concern or argument most likely will be who will pay for this system? The answer is the tax payers. It will be hard to set up and it will require money, but in the long run it could possibly be less expensive and will be more efficient than the system we have now. It will create new jobs and raise awareness for child protection. Couples might start to become more careful and use birth control or condoms and hopefully reduce abortion rates.
The parenting licensing process could be a start to end the cycle of violence and abuse through education. Many parents who abuse or neglect their children were victims when they were young. A concern in the argument is how hard it would be to obtain the license and how much it will cost. A small fee
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Almost all of the people that feel that way are right, but they are focusing on the negative side. For instance the people who would be against the requirement of needing the license, would say that’s not the governments place to judge or have power over. To argue in favor, if the licensing process was in place the majority of child abuse and neglect cases could be prevented. Our current system now deals with abuse, neglect and child endangerment after the incidents have

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