The Importance Of Online Dating

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Online dating used to be taboo in the past, but now with the advance of technology it has become more and more accepted. Online dating used to be seen as strange, dangerous and even desperate. There are thousands of online dating websites and apps, some taken more seriously than others. There are websites that you have to pay money to be a part of so that only people who are serious about finding a partner will actually pay the money. There are apps like tinder where people may not take it as serious or maybe just use the app for a quick hook up. People can be using the app for different reasons. When turning to technology for love it can be a hit or a miss, depending on the person. When setting up a profile for a dating website or app there …show more content…
There can be a lot of pressure when creating an online profile because you want to represent yourself in the best way possible. In the article An idealized self or the real me by Crystal Wotipka and Andrew High, they speak about selective self-presentation. Selective self-presentation is basically when you chose what you want to disclose about yourself. “Selective self-presentation occurs when users present overwhelmingly positive information, a practice that is normative and even encouraged in dating websites. For example, one dating site instructs users to ‘Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.’” (Wotipka,High) The article talks about how people usually talk about themselves or describe themselves in the best light possible. They tend to talk more about the positive and stay away from the negative stuff about them. People who use dating sites will choose their best looking photos or will edit their photos and use filters on them to enhance how they look. People will often exaggerate their height or weight to make themselves seem more appealing. The quote touches on how some dating websites/apps encourage people to brag a little bit. Personally, I find it okay to brag and represent yourself in a positive light but when you start to lie or over exaggerate about yourself or your accomplishments that 's when the problem arises. For example, If you go on a job interview you are going to talk yourself up to the person interviewing you and make yourself seem like the greatest worker but if you start over exaggerating and lying about certain qualifications you may get the job but once they find out you 're lying you will get fired. So lying and over exaggerating on a profile might get you potential dates but once they find out you lied they aren 't going to want to be with

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