Ocean Cleaning Research Paper

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Ocean Cleaning The ocean is a vast place that contains a huge quantity of water, and it represents about 71% of the earth's outer shell, and it is mostly unexplored. 1 In the ocean, there are many species that live in an organized system in which each type consumes what is weaker. How can we live with the guilt of polluting this environment? Human beings have always been ignorant and irresponsible toward what endanger other creatures. For example, people use easier, but more dangerous ways to manufacture their own comfort utilities. As much as we hate it, there are people who are killing our planet. On the other hand, there are heroes who are looking for ways to try to save it. Boyan Slat is an example of a Dutch inventor who figured out a way to clean up the ocean on an enormous scale starting from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. With a team of 99 scientists, Boyan is working on this technique which filters the ocean without harming the living creatures. There are many issues that ocean creatures suffer from which are done by humans, and there are ways to fix these problems which can lead to a more pleasant life for the innocent creatures. In everyday in our lives, people pollute the ocean carelessly in many ways. First, people often leave their garbage on the shore which could lead to …show more content…
Leaving less chemical waste will lead to healthier subsea creatures and purer water for us to drink. Having chemical waste in water could lead to clouds filled with poisonous chemicals, and therefore acidic rain which can affect all the living creatures on the surface negatively. If we take care of the ocean, that will decrease the rate at which the creatures extinct. Also, having healthier creatures would benefit us since they’re one of the main sources of food for humans, and it also benefits some birds. It will also increase the rate at which those creature

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