Write An Essay On Ever Becoming An Occupationalist

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Family is something that has always meant a lot to me. Ever since I was little my dad has always showed me his hands. Even by looking at his hands you can tell how hard of a worker he is, by the tole it has taken on not only his hands but his body too. The sad part is it is with a job that he does not love doing in order to support his family. He always emphasized how important it was to go to college and find a job that I would enjoy. As I grew up I have had different jobs that had good qualities about them, but no job that I have been able to say that I love. Throughout my different jobs it opened my eyes in seeing the qualities I want in a career in order to make me happy. As I get older the image of my dad’s hands always remands in my mind. Ever …show more content…
Being able to help them do what I would consider “easy every day task” and the smiles that would have across their faces would allow me to want to continue doing what I am doing.
After graduation I wanted to have a career that I would be able to easily find a job after no matter where I decide to live. Becoming an occupational therapist would allow me to have job security no matter where I live. I am young and deciding where I want to spend the rest of my live is something that I have not yet decided on. This is one less thing I have to worry about know. This career will allow me to settle down wherever my heart wants too.
As you can see, occupational therapy has all the qualities needed as an occupation to make me happy. It allows me to do different things each day, and it is not confined to a certain age group. It is also a very rewarding job that will allow me to help the people around me. No matter where I end up, I will be able to find a job. That being said it will also be a job that will make me happy, and a job I would clearly enjoy

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