The Importance Of Obesity At Aldi

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Obesity has become a major issue in our country over the past 30 years. More than one-third of adults in America are considered obese or overweight. Obesity is a serious matter because it has the potential to cause Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. This is a problem not because medical expenses in relation to obesity annually generate billions of dollars in additional taxpayer’s healthcare cost according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention. Obesity is an issue because 300,000 American people die from this disease every year. This is unacceptable.
Of course, we understand that there are many factors that contribute to a person being obese and overweight. We understand that there are other medical complications
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Aldi stores are well-stocked with high-quality products that are one-third the cost of other retailers. One way Aldi promotes healthier food options is through the Aldi exclusive Fit & Active brand. With more than 150 items, the Fit & Active product line is broken down into four diverse categories which include whole grain, low-fat and non-fat diary, lean meat and better-for-you snacks. These products provide nutritious foods that are low in sodium, sugar and calories. However, the best part about the various selections is the customers do not have to sacrifice taste because the products do not lack in …show more content…
We will also continue to product inexpensive and fresh organic produce that pair well any Fit & Active recipe. Aldi is designed to make shopping simple and easy for our customer. We desire to offer high-quality products at a low price so that every American regardless if they are a part of the one-percenters or if they are collects government aid. Aldi takes pride in educating the public on what they are consuming and how they can make it better for themselves and their families. We are here to provide a helping hand that will allow Americans to live healthier lives. Therefore, Aldi will continue to make it our business to promote health, wellness and sustainability. Aldi desires to ignite the fight to halt the escalating obesity issue our country is facing. We want to show all Americans that they do not have to have a six-figure income to access quality food. Aldi understands making the sound food selections is easier said than done; however, we believe that if we continue to education the public on the facts and provide our customers with the necessary resources then we can save a life one snack at a

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